Frugal Living does not mean going without!

The concept of Frugal Living has been around for ages, I think our generation has just forgotten.

A frugal home is based on simplicity & organization.

You don't have to sacrifice to live frugally.

The less we waste, the more we have.

You can plug almost anything into that, money, energy, etc.

Why should thrifty living be stressful? I will show you several ways to cut back and have so much more.

I believe in living much like our grand parents. Who doesn't have warm fuzzy feelings for their grandparents?

I can remember my grandmother's (I called her Abuela) home vividly. She did not have an abundance of belongings.

She appreciated her dollars and stretched them as far as she could. She was frugal before it was even trendy!

Best of all, she was happy and never needed a thing.

Frugal Menu Planning

Lack of planning is a huge budget buster! We've all been there, you get home, don't have anything planned and call for pizza.

Stockpiling 101

Stockpiling is an easy way to make sure your family always has what they need and save lots of money.

My family never needs anything because of my stockpile. We rarely have to run to the store for one of those "oh crap, I need ______" trips.

Coupons 101

This has to be my best money saving hobby. I feel so great knowing that I am saving my family such large amounts of money just by using coupons.

I teach real people classes on how to use coupons and love every minute of it. This is one of my passions and it's awesome to share my knowledge with other Frugal people.

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